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Moddable collaborates with companies to create IoT products using the Moddable SDK. Our experience ranges from high-volume consumer IoT products to highly specialized industrial IoT products. We can discuss how our expertise in architecture, design, cost-reduction, implementation, optimization, security, validation, delivery, and maintenance can help you.


The Moddable SDK is offered with both open source and commercial licenses. Our open source license is a good choice for personal projects and open commercial deployments with minimal support needs. Our commercial license offers familiar commercial software terms with on-going support at an affordable price. See our licensing page for details about both options. If you have questions or are interested in a custom license for your product's needs we can discuss options.

Volume Sales

Special volume pricing is available for purchases of Moddable Hardware. Each Moddable Hardware product combines a microcontroller and display to provide a powerful and cost-effective solution for education, development, prototyping, and embedding into IoT products.

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Technical Support

Technical support from the Moddable developer community is freely available to everyone. Report a bug, ask a question, or suggest a feature through our repository on GitHub. If you are a commercial licensee eligible for direct technical support, please contact Moddable through your organization's designated contact person.


If you have questions about your purchase of Moddable Hardware or our book, please reach out. We'll do our best to make sure your issue is resolved. We can answer questions about purchases made from Moddable web site and Digi-key.


Moddable has experts available to talk with reporters about the Moddable SDK, our vision for a truly open IoT, the benefits of standards to embedded software, how integrated displays add value to IoT products, our contributions to Ecma TC53 and Ecma TC39, our leading-edge approach to IoT security with Hardened JavaScript, and our amazing developer community. We understand deadlines and will get back to you quickly.

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