Over the past few months, Moddable has developed products for clients in the manufacturing and automotive industries. One client is building a monitoring system for factories; the other, a system to detect maintenance issues in cars. To my surprise, both clients asked us to support Ethernet in these projects. As it turns out, people still… Read More

The latest addition to the Moddable SDK is a delightfully silly example app to display animated GIFs from the popular GIPHY web site. The app lets the user enter a search term, uses GIPHY’s REST API to search for a GIF, downloads it, and then displays the GIF onscreen in a continuous loop. Despite the… Read More

If you walk by the Moddable office in downtown Palo Alto, you’ll see a collection of eye-catching screens in the window. The latest to be added is a Moddable One displaying a series of animations. If you can’t make it by the office, you can see the animations in this video. To a casual observer,… Read More

The color wheel is a common user interface element in desktop and mobile apps that allows the user to select a color. User interfaces to select a color are rare on displays powered by embedded microcontrollers. When present, the interface is primitive, perhaps an array of color boxes. The color-picker example implements a true color… Read More

HACKberry is a 3D-printable bionic arm project managed by Mission ARM Japan. The goal of HACKberry is to make inexpensive prosthetics more widely available by significantly reducing the cost. The HACKberry arm is also remarkably customizable for users because both the hardware and software are open source. Naturally, we at Moddable were very interested when… Read More

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This Wednesday, we wrapped up year two of Scripts & Things, our meetup on JavaScript development for the microcontrollers and embedded systems that make up the Internet of Things. We concluded 2019 with a demo night featuring a variety of great demos from Scripts & Things members. Each of the projects presented at the meetup… Read More

IMPORTANT: Web Thing API support in the Moddable SDK is deprecated as of August 28, 2019. One of the issues that plagues IoT is the lack of standards for interoperability. There are too many IoT products that connect to only one cloud service or interoperate only with other products from the same company. At Moddable… Read More

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Earlier this week Moddable hosted the second meeting of Scripts & Things, our meetup about embedded software development using JavaScript on microcontrollers and other embedded systems. We were pleased to have a diverse group of web developers, embedded developers, and even some brand new programmers join us and get excited about JavaScript for embedded. Demos… Read More

The first article of this series describes how to issue HTTP requests in applications built with the Moddable SDK using information from REST APIs. This article builds on the concepts from the first article and explains how to use the Moddable SDK’s TLS stack in applications to make HTTPS requests. What is TLS? Transport Layer… Read More

The Moddable team recently exhibited and presented at Maker Faire Bay Area. Exhibit and Demos We had a booth in the Expo Hall, surrounded by other tech companies, makers, and artists. No Maker Faire booth is complete without demos or a hands-on activity. We brought demos focused on three things: scripts, screens, and apps for… Read More

  The Moddable SDK includes modules that implement a variety of networking protocols, giving developers the flexibility to build applications that interact with all sorts of other devices and cloud services. A common way to communicate with cloud services is through RESTful APIs, which are based on HTTP. You can find several basic example apps… Read More

The Moddable team is using this blog to share news about what we’re up to. Much of the content will have technical details about embedded development with JavaScript, including information about features of the Moddable SDK, descriptions of interesting projects, and tips for app developers. Other posts will be discussions of our mission to open… Read More